Lucky/Unlucky at tc 13

Past eight days I’ve gotten Belith (finally)
And a second Caedmon, second Wu Kong and second Cyprian. Three four stars is pretty lucky. Unlucky that I had all 3. Keeping Caedmon. Dumped Wu. Unsure about Cyprian

30 summons on alt, no 4star whatsoever.

3 or 4 months with 2 TC13 and only one Kiril

Never got any 4 star out of TC13 myself. Decides to switch to run it constantly at 11, just like the other one. At least I get the feeders.

Perhaps will have more luck on 20.

5% chance, yeah. This is why many people declare that ya might as well just bumrush for TC20.

My only qualm with that is that you gotta run 13 enough to at least get a solid crew of 10-12 3* heroes first. Once you’ve got that… heck, if you’ve got the recruits and food… specials level faster with same-named heroes!

If I can have 6 Wu kongs I will ascend them all to max.
Wu kong is leathal in AW teams.
Don’t ever dump him please.
Where is @SandMan to watch you dumping his best friend :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I got a skittleskull from at least 40 tc13 pulls until i got tc20

I’m with @Jedon about wasting a Wu. I did one revolving camp 13 for about two months without success. I’m too cheap to be wasting recruits, so I have three camps rolling 11 and one at 20…no legendary yet, but the time will come.

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I’m upgrading my stronghold to 18 now. I’m guessing late January for tc20

I wouldn’t waste my mats to max more than 2 Wu, but hang on to them, hero slots are cheap, there is something in the pipeline to increase def & attack with already max hero, by adding same hero or combine them, so hang on to the good ones.

Glad to see you gave up Wu hahaha.
After that post I thought you are going to be the pop of Wu’s worshiping house xD

After countless pulls, I started working with 3 to 23s and pulled Rigard today.

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