Lucky Pulls..New defense Help

Hey Everyone!

Have been pretty lucky over past month to pull some great new heroes and may want to switch up defense team. Looking for suggestions and formation Type!

Heroes not featured:Rian and Lewana

Here is some of my roster, any/all help is appreciated!

If I were you I would do something like (in double) :

Mother North-C - Ludwig - Elizabeth/Lewena - Krampus-C - Frigg/Wolfgang

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Ya not a bad comp

Any other thoughts? Is all fast team potentially better?

I like that team as well with Elizabeth and Wolfgang

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CMother, Ludwig, Elizabeth, Krampus-C, Wolfgang would be scary.

CMother, Ludwig, Wolf, Krampus-C, Lewana could also be a pain.

Cmother, Wolf, Lud, ckrampus, lewena also can be annoying.

IMO the best advice is: try.

Try those combos in different formations. Note the results. 2/3 days each. You’ll for sure spot the difference in the results. Then apply and keep the one that works the best.

You may also repeat colors if you have enough troops, that opens more options. But I think you can’t go wrong with the current suggestions.

Good advice! I’ll test a few out and see what works.