Lucky pulls... But who do I ascend now?

Ok, I got super lucky. Two single pulls gave me Sartana and Heimdall. But now I have to decide:

Should I bench costume Kadilen for Heimdall or max Kadilen first?

And should I max Sartana? I wanted her for a while but recently got Seshat and already maxed her. Though I appreciate diversity in my roster I bet second panther would still be better?

Level up of costumes is more easy and not require 4* ascend material. So in my opinion it’s not a problem. Max Heimdall and after C.Kadilen

Yes. Especially if you will get C.Sartana.

Haven’t maxed original Kadilen though. I didn’t have her before pulling her costume.

And about Sartana: Currently I don’t have her costume. I barely do summons except for the free ones at the costume chamber. If I pull her costume, I will max her for sure. But odds are low. So I wouldn’t take costume / cb into account here…

Which hero you use now as center in your defence team?

Even w/o costume she can do 1400 damage in defence (with skill of wizard class). Now imagine what kind of damage can be after cutting off defence by panther :slight_smile: One from the best S1 hero

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I have Telluria. So defense is not really a factor. Think war should be my priority. So I bet Kad would be better…

And I have many wizards. Onatel and Proteus are on 18 (I might strip emblems from Proteus, but he is very useful in tournaments…). And I was going to emblem JF next. I still need a good purple hero for defense though. Currently I have Panther+16 in the wing. Seshat is on talent node 3, I might give her Buddy’s emblems and bring her to 10 or 11. I have also Finley in my defense, who took most of my ranger emblems

Understood, another one Telluria in the game :slight_smile: In this way C.Kadillen will be better. If I rememeber right skills of Maragareth and C.Kadillen do not overlap.

Seshat is a very good purple hero for defence (in left or right corner). Even w/o emblems Sartana will be very useful in your attack team together with panther, Clarissa and Seshat

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Choose the one first needed as war tank…I will probably tend to costumed Kadilen.

Second one is easy. Seshat >>>>>>>>>> Sartana.
Seshat is like a million times better than Sartana. Of course also Sartana is worth maxing but go Seshat first.

Tough call, i love heimdaI use him on my mono green team everyday. But costume kad is more dangerous with fast speed and dodge. I wld to kad first.

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seshat is maxed already. question is second panther or sartana

green war tank is telly already. but will max kad first for war offense. but she also has to wait a little… just finally pulled almur. the one i was actually pulling for. i think that was my best pull so far: tyr, sartana, heimdall and almur in 20 pulls. :slight_smile:

Though call… but IMO…
Purple: 2nd Panther, then maybe Sartana, so that we have 2 great synergy purple teams, also bring double Panther is not a bad idea :wink:
Green: Heimdall or Kadilen-C, if you already have MN/Alby, I’ll go Kadilen, otherwise Heimdall.

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If you run 2 purple teams in war go panther. Congrats on the pulls.

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Yes, I think I will go with Panther.

I have neither Alby nor MN. But I think I will still go with Kadilen. Heimdalls revive chances are the lowest. Don’t need healers necessarily and for war a fast green hero will be more useful.

Thanks for your feedback everyone!

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