Luckiest day ever in game?

Hello everyone!

I know some peeps get upset when people post about their good pulls and whatever and i apologize if that happens here!

Been playing the game since August and have 3 5 star heroes fully leveled,Azlar, Lianna and Athena.

Have had tc20 since December with no 5 stars and opened it up and pulled Marjana. Then wanted to test my luck in the Atlantis Summons and pulled a 2nd Lianna, then noticed i needed one more summons for the 10/10 Atlantis chest and pulled a 3star but then a 2nd hero showed up and i got HOTM Frida!

I doubled my 5 star heroes in 10 minutes! Now i have 6 and 2 green, 2 red and 2 blue!

Unfortunately, my luck was only in game as i was playing poker during this and was losing and pulled a warm cape in the chest.

Anyway, does anyone else have any good luck days like that? Please share if you do!


Yeah, nice. I have always been pretty lucky in the game. One of my first 10 pulls I needed yellow and got 6 four stars including att least one of each classic. That was pretty good

I’ve been playing since July and have about 20 five stars now, just need more Ascension materials

I have probably spent too much though…

It’s nice that you celebrate the good times, and don’t worry about negative people who can’t see it’s just random luck, and you got some today

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Well, there is one story… During the previous Atlantis I was preparing to do a single 30x hoping for Ariel. Somehow I woke up in the middle of night feeling that it is the right moment, so I did my 30x and got Ariel right away. Then I woke again in the morning thinking what a weird dream… Until I looked in my roster - there she was, Ariel…

Another lucky day - Athena with just a 100 free Atlantis coins.


Luckiest day was valentine. Alliance mates gifted some gems so I was able to do a 10x Wonderland summon. Got QoH on the last summon.

It’s only a single 5* that day, but given the odds that’s still pretty good. And I didn’t have to spend as much my self.

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Last Thurs was my luckiest day. I summoned 90 Atlantis and got 2 Hel, 1 Alberich, 1 Frida, 1 Tarlak, 1 Poseidon and 1 Elena. Not to mention other 4 stars.

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My story from last night: Sped up a monster chest before bed - red elemental chest. Filled it using two WE flasks (something I normally don’t do, especially when it’s late and I want to go to bed). Loot included two EHT. First one: 3* hero … and boom! Frida. Couldn’t believe my luck since I really really wanted her and there were only a couple of hours left on the clock before she would disappear. So these two tokens were definitely my last chance of getting her.


I’m very c2p, been playing since December 2017.

My first and only 10x so far was during Teltoc northern summer 2019. Hoped for a Guardian Falcon or Guardian Jackal. Didn’t get any Guardian. :sob:

My first Guardian was Guardian Bat. :joy: Later, I got Falcon from a single challenge coins pull.

The next time Teltoc came around, I did 3 coins pulls. Nothing noteworthy. On the second gems pull that followed, I finally got Jackal!

Just this past Teltoc (November 2020), I hoped to get a second Jackal for challenge events. Two coins pulls at the beginning got me a Brienne and Bat (both dupes).

Before Teltoc finished I tried again with coins. First pull, Nashgar. Second pull, I see purple flash, and expect another Bat…

Guardian Panther!!! :exploding_head::exploding_head: My first challenge event 5* at level 81. I’d always wanted a Panther, but never thought I’d realistically get her.

TLDR - I got Guardian Panther on a second coins pull! :exploding_head::exploding_head:



Last Chritmas event single EHT and Mother North.
1st travern of legends 13 th and 14th pull, Drake and khiona.
2nd travern 23rd pull Alasi, my dream girl.
Bunnies single EHT master lepus.
Pirates single EHT Finley.
Sheshat came out with single EHT in that month.
And Mica from last ninjas event, 4th pull.
Double draws Vela.
Final day last hour 10x telly.

Can’t win if you don’t play!

Just because someone wins the lottery doesn’t make it any less stupid to buy tickets.

I’m so jelly…Panther has long been my chase hero. I have stopped throwing $ at her, but I get a pang everytime there is a Guardian event.

Good for you, Sammie!


My luckiest day in game was the day I got 3 Telescopes in a 24-hour period. It was a while ago, but I believe I got one from the rare titan, one from MV, and one from Frostmarch.

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You don’t HAVE to buy tickets to play here tho’.

I’ve had lucky days without paying. Sunday I used saved-up gems for a Teltoc 10-pull and landed both Jackal and Falcon. Monday I used free costume keys for 3 pulls and landed Glenda. All without spending anything.

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I just pulled Lianna (3rd one) and Joon (1st one) in two consecutive TC20 trainings.


Last Wonderland Event I used 600 gems, it was a feeder then Alice.

Then I finished the event and used the coins about 20 minutes later… and got Jabberwock!

Edit: it wasn’t 20 minutes, it was 2 hours later that I finished event, but they did were consecutive pulls.

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Thank you kindly @EarlVerdant! I hope Panther will appear for you next year. :four_leaf_clover:

Or maybe an early Christmas present from the Santa’s Challenge seasonal event.:crossed_fingers:


@nevarmaor Congrats on Jackal, Falcon and Glenda!

I’ve had other lucky days in the game without paying too. This has been my luckiest month ever in the game! I got my first seasonal 5* Vanda from a single EHT on 1 November (screenshots in the Halloween summoning thread). :exploding_head:


Wowza and congrats on Alice and Jabber @Sernarok!!

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Congrats on that!

I ran out of luck now, but it has been a great year for my 3rd. account: got PIB, Killhare, Roc, Myztero and then Alice and Jabber, all without paying, on single pulls with coins or gems.

I was expecting something good on Halloween event, but this time nothing really good came.

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@Sernarok Wowza again, and 3rd account! :joy:

There’s still about 1.5 months left of the year. Yes it is unlikely, but there could be an early Christmas present in game for you. :four_leaf_clover:

Gravemaker :heart_eyes: from free TOL coins for beating the quest.

Sure beats the dawas and valens I’ve gotten for beating every other quest and the 3*s costumes that keep haunting me. :rofl:


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