Luck with Epic Summons

I have been having a run of fantastic luck with my Epic tokens! I saved up my tokens and thought I would give them a roll. I had 5 Epic Tokens and 2 Epic Troop, I pulled 5 4* heros and a 4* troop. Weirdly 4 were yellow and 1 red for heros. So excited I pulled Wu Kong, Huo Tao, Chao, Li x 2 and Kellie! Also, had a ton of ascension items come my way in the last few days. 4 orbs today, from event, Titan chest and monster chest and movie thing. So happy! Let me tell ya I was up doing the happy dance and blessing the E&P gods! My hubby now thinks I’m crazy…and maybe a little too addicted to this game. I discovered after I lost my account for a day I’m ridiculously invested in this game both emotionally and Financially.

Anyhow, The purpose of my thread is not to brag, I promise. I just wanted to share a reward thread instead of a lack of. See this game is very feast or famine with little in between. Right now I’m feasting with gluttonous abandon beacuse it may be a long long time before my next meal. I have experienced long runs of lack of material, items etc. I have only had 2 elemental chests in 5 months of playing. I have, at times, wanted to grow my iPad across the room in frustration ( did I mention the emotional involvement) Seriously though, I wanted to share that while this game has runs of bad luck ( sometimes long long frustrating runs) it eventually will give you your Jackpot and Lady Luck will smile your way. Frankly, from my Gambler’s Stance :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: if materials and heros were easy to come by I would get bored and probably lose interest much quicker.

Well I’m out of Metaphors so time to grab a glass of wine and get back to farming. Thanks SG for a great game and The E& P gods please smile favourably on me for a little while longer!



Congrats, and thank you for sharing that there are some feasts among the famine.


I can relate. I was very lucky early on, picking up Joon and Sartana along with a slew of 4 stars including three guardians.

Then I had a dry spell and swore I’d never purchase again.

Then I broke my vow and managed to pick up the last two HOTMs.

It is very feast or famine but the chance is always there.


Thank you, I always enjoy seeing positive threads! And glad to see you got reconnected to your account too. :+1:


Thanks everyone! I would like to see a thread where everyone shares their feast when they come around. Please feel free to share your recent rewards!

The E &P gods must have read my post, I just received a nature chest! Anyone know the best levels for all nature?


7-5 looks pretty good for filling nature chest.


That’s fantastic! I am so glad you got the last two HOTM! I hope you are able to get your ascension items too! Hopefully the event gives you some of what you may need :blush:
I haven’t had any luck pulling with this months HOTM but the months not over yet!

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Thanks @havok333 I’ll give it a try :blush:

Thanks @havok333 That is good when you have the challenge to find nature monster…I would really recommend to use it as far as you have battle tokens!!!

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I’ve got Natalya at 4/60. Just need 3 shields and I can finish Zeline.

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I don’t spend much on this game as I am rather poor :frowning: but did an elemental summons just before the pirate event started and drew Kirill (sp?) and then Zeline popped as a bonus!! It made my night at work and was feeling pretty excited. It’s almost silly how a lucky draw on a game can bring such happiness…lol. Good luck all!!


How do you find Natalya as a hero. I really don’t see that much damage from her even though it should be over 400 for 6 turns.
I’m just curious.

Nat has a nice attack stat so works well against Titans, plus her special reduces Mana regeneration. She can work miracles against Alberich in raids too.

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I like her. She’s great at stopping mana generation in raids. Her damage is better than you think.


Damage Over Time (DoT) increases BOTH with the level of the special (1 through 8) AND level of the hero. You won’t see max damage from Natalya (or Morgan le Fay, Aslar, Colen, Kelile, etc.) until you have maxed their special AND level.


The thing I like about nat’s special is that its damage regardless of defense. That pesky tank in the front that isn’t taking much tile damage is getting 700 (or more if nature) no matter what.


The other side of that coin is that her special does not benefit from any of the attack buffs you may have running. When paired with Wu Kong, she can still miss but her special attack is not boosted.

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I’ve been working on getting a better 4 star blue since I have both Sonya and Cademon in my starting lineup. Last month, I did a few single pulls and I ended up getting Natalya. This month, I bought the dwarven gemstones so I had enough to pull a 10x. Ice appeared right after the event was over so I jumped. I got Grimm, Kiril, a dup Sonya and 7 3 stars. No HOTM or 5 stars, but I definitely can’t complain about this pull. I have 2 training camps spitting out ice heros to level up Grimm as I have enough warm capes to ascend him.

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Disagree on Natalya. I saw max damage from Natalya at Tier 2 when I had her special maxed.

Very good draws there. Both Grimm and Kiril are strong team heroes. I mostly use fully ascended 5*, but Grimm makes frequent guest appearances. If I had had Kiril fully leveled, my event scores would have been higher, even in advanced (where I was I. Top 100). So, good draws!

I know everyone wants 5* heroes, but I keep beating the drum in favor of quality 4* heroes as the foundation of your team. With skill and eight to ten well-chosen 4* heroes, you’ll be able to finish advanced events and quests, and to perform well against 8* and even 9* titans.


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