Luck in getting 4 stars %?

I wonder how % is the lucky numbers to get a 4 stars heros because I been collecting all the epic tokens for about starting the game and I have got none of them at all from about 9 tokens I got I also never get rare 3 ★ s heros from regular tokens after opening 15 in raw all were 2 stars and normally dropped 3 stars heros.
Any advice because I am hopeless as hell.

Think of tokens as bonus. Get your training camps up to get your 3-5 star heros

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OK thank you alot :heart: :heart:

Yeah, my wife has been playing for about 6 months and nothing. It’s just luck. Upgrade to training to lvl 20,( you don’t have to research lower levels) research it and you get a hero every 2 days. Good Luck.

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