🐼 Lu Bu – 5* Dark / Purple from War of the Three Kingdoms

Are people going mana node or defense node for Node 19? I usually don’t get the 2% mana node but for a slow hero I’m not sure what to do. The 2% is much more valuable for slow heroes


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Yes, went mana node with him. I have always been lazy to memorize and compute the mana boosts, so I might have been in error, though. Maybe above, in the thread, you find some pictures how others did it and why.

Anyway, I find that these days, so many little sources can help the mana of a hero that the breakpoints have lost their importance for me. Passives, bard heroes, specials that give mana in different forms and quantities, family and costume bonuses… All that makes it for me even more ambiguous. Maybe that 2 % is not necessary. But maybe it’s the small contribution that puts him over a breakpoint.

There are others who are carefully calculating all this. Sorry, I love him (still one of my favorite raid combos, his pair/triplet with Viscaro/Ludwig), but I am not an E&P guru :no_good_woman:

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I went mana node with mine. In fact, 99% of the time, I go mana node with all my heroes.


Yeah. Ludwig + Phenexa is a match made in heaven. Avg speed Ludwig (LB2 of course) and Phenexa that refreshes Lud’s buffs (which can be sometimes inconvenient when you want Lud’s buffs running but also heal). Khufu, Lu Bu etc also drop to avg speed. Essentially Bard is portable mana bonus from costume, as long as they have no family member.

Also C-Alberich with Magic/Styx troop and Bard can drop to 9 tiles. But that is a bit OT.


I just got him. How does he go in todays era.
I only have 4 tabards currently but should he be the next putple i ascend? (Likely months until i get the tabards…)

Does Lu Bu pair well with costume Elkanen?

They should work well together. The decrease in healing should make it more difficult for standard healers to remove Lu Bu’s (Or any other fiend summoner’s) fiends. You would need someone like Wang Yuanji or Arco to get rid of the fiends in one shot if the decreased healing debuff is active.

Note: I love Lu Bu but still think he is underpowered considering his status in 3 Kingdoms lore

Just one gamer’s opinion

Game Well :sunglasses: :mechanical_arm:


Yer i played a lot of Dynasty warriors back in the days, Lu Bu was just a demon and unstoppable. Genuinely was scared when he entered the battlefield, a bit underwhelming here in E&P :frowning:


I still use mine regularly -he’s especially useful on towers and autoplay levels with buff-giving bosses. Especially if there’s no healer. Once he fires - no buffs! He’s been great on untold tales.
His damage could do with a buff but mine is LB1.

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