Loyalty bloodline


  • 27/30 players
  • 1400 cups entry threshold

Are you a seasoned veteran looking for a new home?

Or maybe you are new to the game and looking for a strong team to support you and help you grow?

Look no further!

We are a friendly and organised group of experienced players and we are open for new members of any experience level.

What you get by joining us? Participate in killing 9-10 star titans (we are on a 5 titans killing streak right now!). Join us in the wars to destroy the opponents and get those juicy war chests faster. Enjoy friendly banter and valuable gameplay advice. Join the fun!

What we expect from you?

Always attack the titans (unless directed otherwise, from time to time we chose to skip a titan). If you opt in for wars, use all your war flags. Be friendly and polite to your teammates. And, of course, have fun playing the game - that is absolutely mandatory!

Find us directly in the game, or message me through Line - id 198542

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