LOYALTY BLOODLINE is looking for you

  • 18/30 members

  • 1200 cups minimum

An organised and friendly group of players, we are looking to grow our numbers.

What you get by joining us?

  • participate in killing 8-9* titans (and with your help, we might get even higher!)
  • join in a coordinated group effort during wars, following a strategy to maximise our war score
  • an active and friendly alliance chat, sharing tips and advice, or just jokes and small talk
  • optional - line app chat (my line id - 198542, hit me up to be added), for those who are interested in more team communication and coordinating during wars

What do we expect from you?

  • Always hit the titan
  • War is optional, but if you opt in, you must use all flags and follow the strategy
  • Being polite and friendly in chat
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