Lowest Powered Team Used to Defend Keep = Dumb


Every time I field a lower powered team for a side quest, why is that the team the game uses to defend my keep? Why isn’t the default team my highest powered team?


You have 3 teams. Build your strongest, click a button saying “defense team”. Don’t touch this team. When you for a side quest or attack titans or whatever else use one of the other 2 slots. Just don’t click “defense team” button on them.


Team 3 is my Defense team. Team 1 and 2 are swapped around as needed. You can swipe left/right on your edit team screen to swap between them.


So if you don’t click a defense team, it defaults to your lowest team? My lowest team is the team in the “third” slot.


No idea what it defaults to if you don’t have a defense team selected. Why not just use the defense team option?


It defaults to the 1st team I’m pretty sure. When I started playing I had no idea what the defense team button meant or if I should click it at all and my 1st team was my defense team.