Lowest chest loot ever seen?

I know loot gets complaints but I’ve never gotten a chest with this little. Food and iron are in each so is at least 1 gem so basically I got a few Atlantis coins? I did 8.7 like usual but uses a few loot tix to speed it up. Usually I save for AR but had plenty. is this normal? MV I have had with 2 things like 1 gem and 1 potion but this…■■■!! And I get nice stuff too That goes in the MV thread or show me your rewards thread but this is really horrible.

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Dont mean to undermine you but I’ve had worse several times. At least your ham and iron are decent. They can be lower


They get worse than this, I’ve had food/iron/one 1* item. Honestly I’d rather get 2 Atlantis coins than a bunch of low level farmable items.


I raise you no Atlantis coins :sob:


How about 1 gem and 1 rope and minimal resources

Or everyone’s favourite sunspire feathers

Pretty sure some of us have gotten that

My very first chest in the diamond league was like this… left me with a ■■■ feeling all day

Me and @Starscream is the same. I may edge on the food and iron loot due to my high storage.

My record from couple months ago…


Wow, I feel lucky after seeing those. I look at food and iron and don’t much care since I get those anyhow. Wish I didn’t waste those loot tix doing that. Could have used them in AR. But at least I got that huge coin haul to spend :gem::rofl:

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Though I got something like that too once.

I know the game rewards have been nerfed but is this some sort of joke getting this as a reward come on SG sort this out

that is normal from time to time. No issue here. Loot isn’t good…

You may want to check that thread.

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Merged, thanks! :heart_decoration:

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Here’s my effort. :laughing:

Woop woop! :crazy_face:


I had something very similar but I think I was under 50k on both resources… I almost quit the game… and I payed gems to get that chest started.

Loot in general has become a problem as it seems to slowly become worse and worse. I am becoming less happy with the game overall and getting crap loot is not making me want to stay around. If not for the friends I’ve made all over the game it would make me want to say forget it. This week completed multiple mission chests, enemy chest to be precise. Often I will spend the 20gems to fast forward but after 2 of the worst loot “rewards” why should I anymore? Seriously SG, wake up as you are beginning to push long time players like myself out the door without a thanks, sorry to see you go or even hey don’t go let us do this for the players (you know your revenue base). And then you add the “random” board issues. Please give me some legitimate reasons why I should stay until my 3rd year anniversary with the game.


Same here, it’s being very hard to gain something really good with chests rewards lately

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Some great loot - congrats! Plenty of threads exist on this, and a lot of them have screenshots of worse loot from the past two years. You may not be lucky with the loot you got, but definitely nowhere near the worst!!