Lowered rare titan loot

Yesterday I went to the alliance, an hour later a rare titanium arrived.

This morning, in the options, I saw that a day had passed since I received the loot
from the previous titan and I finished off the titanium.
And I got a lowered loot. Let me remind you that I went in an hour before arrival
and more than 24 hours have passed. Why is the loot cut?

Are you on Version 37?

Version 36.0.2 1466
Upon receipt of the loot, they wrote cut down, because I was not at the time of arrival or 20 hours had not passed. Both conditions are false.

If it’s true about rare titans, then I leave 3 activities - war, titan and quests for 4 * items. And that’s all. Of course, no donation, even for the most profitable promotions. How much time will be free …

… new recruits don’t get full titan loot…

This is dumb…

Ton of the ppl complaining about merc request, used to merc when they were newer feeding hero’s. (Fact)

Now that they are settled and don’t have many new hero’s to feed they are grumpy about ppl mercing and wanting mercs.

So change the whole game? …

Bad move.

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