Lower Troop feeding cost

It seems rather expensive for a troop to cost 2200 to level up a lower level troop vs 88000 to level up a higher level troop. Shouldn’t the cost be the same or at least more in line with each other.

I’m going to leave this thread as a request to lower the food costs for troops.

I will say, I don’t think that will happen. Troops are designed to be a long, slow grind that takes orders of magnitude longer to level than heroes do, since they can be reused with any hero of the same color.

And ultimately, unless you’re going to purchase a very large number of Epic Troop Summons, it’s not the food costs, but the lack of feeders troops that limits the pace of your progress. And in the late mid-game and end-game stages, food is abundant, even excessive.

That said, if you find yourself suddenly getting a 4* troop you’d like to feed, and you have a lot of feeders on hand, you can manage the process to be more efficient in food consumption:

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Yes I’m talking food costs. I agree that it should be a long painful effort but costing 88,000 for only 40 points when a lower troop it only cost 2,200 is a bit unproportional to the benefit

That’s a bit of an understatement. :wink:

I don’t know about you, but I have food coming out of my ears, and no troop feeders at all. So I don’t personally find it ends up mattering when I burn a bunch of food to use a feeder or two I pick up while farming.

But earlier on in the game, the food consumption was big deal. Maybe that’s by design, to slow early players from being able to speed level troops?

This can also be an argument for managing which troops you feed when, as noted in the post above. The cost per troop is the same no matter what you use as feeders, so 1* troops make insanely expensive food for a well-leveled 4* troop.

I am so glad I found this because I had been wanting to comment for a while on this. Firstly I agree troop building should b a slower process. But I think ur right and would gander to say about 75% of the community feels this way. Here’s where it is a real trouble and expense getting decent troops. First the cost and second they just don’t come around as much anymore on levels. For those of us who stack ya kinda have to have a decent troop for every player. That’s 5 troops of each color. Wow. I’ve got 1 4⭐️ for each and then a 3⭐️ backup and thats it. Plus none above level 7. Then just 1⭐️s. Again I think it should b an ongoing process but wow when u c how little growth u get for the cost it’s just off. But love the game and this site here so we can all try and hash these things out! Great topic too.

Since when i started this game (im super active) , food been my biggest problem… And buying it , man it cost so much , got no idea how i can increase my food production when i overdo chests till time doesnt allow me to skip and all my buildings are max level . Looks like food will be a forever problem for me !

Eventually the problem changes to having more food than you know what to do with…

Not sure really since in over 15months i have same problem . Could be that someday i might have food . Maybe when i finish all my ingridients , normal heroes u get from game and full troups upgrade , sure i might have food . Like i said above buying food cost so much , not going there , and im superactive (no other options to get more food) . Im not complaining here , just goving out facts :blush: my patiente is solid enought and i like this game playing , however never thought food would be a problem for ao long :wink:

I’m really surprised you still have enough things to spend food on after 15 months that you’re short on it.

With farms and your Watchtower maxed, and winning raids and filling chests regularly, you get a ton of food every day.

And unless you’re paying for a lot of troops summons, there’s not a lot to spend it on, since you only can produce so many feeder heroes, and so many forge items based on ingredients.

What do you spend your food on each day?

My food daily goes on tc20 , tc11 , based on food i have/get . I have planty of materials to spend my food like , crafting items , building up troups , using my feeders on heroes upgrade and so on . Can load photos if u do not believe me but thinks its not the case :slight_smile: . When i have to ascend a hero or do a troup upgrade , it gets hard if i wont move recruits from tc20 to tc11 (kinda use tc20 as a store recruits/food) , or when i want to use all my camps go in level 20 its not possible cuz i lack food for moving recruits from tc11 to tc20… best option is 3 tc20 . I just think food/stone need to have a better % ratio , or food/stone buying in store needs to be less gems than it is…

Of course I believe you. :slight_smile:

I’m just perplexed how you continually have enough troop feeders and crafting ingredients to spend a ton of food on them every day.

But if you’re banking food in tc20, it sounds like you actually do have extra food every day, you’re just saving it away.

Troop leveling costs don’t make sense or seem fair to me. If i have a ton of 1* troops and combine them @ and then use that to level a 2* or 3*, its not fair or balanced. E.g. take 1* to level 4 costs 50K hams. Then if i take that 1* level 4 and add to 12th level 2* it adds only 64 points and coats 72K! I think this should be fixed asap, please!

Well, to me it seems absolutely reasonable that feeding a leveled troop results in much less XP than feeding all those single troops. Else it would allow to circumvent the food costs by the tactics you are aiming for.
Nevertheless, it is the same for heroes. If you feed ten fully leveled 4* to a 5* it will be far from fully leveled.
So after all, you just need a lot of patience and tons of ham that costs you nothing, it is produced for free… :wink:

Thankfully, the cost of ham and iron for hero emblems has been reduced the other day. (I appreciate for your kindness, SGG)
So why not try lowering the leveling cost of your troops next time? The current troop leveling cost is very heavy and seems to create a big wall for new and old players.
In particular, I feel that the value of ham is increasing more and more recently through research at Alchemy Lab and research on HA.

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