Lower the “defense bonus” instead of nerfing heroes

I don’t know! I only have info on diamond arena, or >4600 TP. I thought I remember some mention in a developer post about the gradual adjustments to defense bonus to be mainly an issue regarding high level raids. So perhaps there is scaling with Raid arena, Team Power, Card Power, etc… but somehow I doubt it.
Given that when I’ve checked every few weeks the defense bonuses were exactly 20% then exactly 15% and most recently 10%.

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The defense-team hidden buff seems fair to me, because it balances the disadvantage of having the AI as the player of your defense team, and we know how limited the AI is.

Well, the devs felt it was too high because they apparently lowered it

I remember them saying it was for stronger, more elite teams. You can also evaluate the bonus by looking at attack stats prior to battle and accounting for the boost from troops to see what is left over as the defense bonus :+1:t2:

My only ‘‘opposition’’ to the idea is, isnt win rate from offensive side of raid already way higher than from defense? // and the buff is still present

What I worry more is, how there are no real tanks in game. Basically almost any hero can get instantly demolished from 3 tiles from mono offense (speaking similar team power) // buff is still present

From this two perspectives, why are we even having a position, who soaks up most dmg from tiles? Lately, academy formations allow you to switch to a ‘‘no tank’’ position with reverse classic, but that is one out of 5 formations and it kills variety from this persepctive

Another underlying problem is, heroes are progressive more on attacking attribute than on defensive one… Slayers and new magic tower went with more defensive and balanced ‘’ high stat* approach, but even the strongest tanks dont break 850 defensive ratings, while offensive heroes quite often break 800 attack barrier nowadays.

So you cant put 1 850 def tank vs more of 800 attack heroes and hope for tank to get a special off…

Based on the game as it is now, if they added a true “tank”/defensive hulk, it would be far too dominant I think. It’d be one tank with 4 aggressive attacks and it would be the new meta.

If you want more balance honestly try that other thing I feature a lot on my channel. It does what you are looking for very well :+1:t2:

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I think tank with 4 attacks are coming sooner than later here anyway :smiley:
Lately all champs already do everything. Why would you need a healer, when you can have a slayer? Why worry about having L wing a dispeller and one of flanks cleanser, when you can have a wizard who does both and have highest dmg to all on top? :slight_smile:

Btw, im surprised, nobody is talking about Milena vs Cobalt comparison.

SG developer in last Q&A was talking about very ‘‘mellow’’ power creep. You could ‘‘somehow’’ pro argue for it, if you only take into consideration hero power rating. Around 1-2 points each month basically…

On the other hand, highest dps champ Cobalt, who only does dps and is a crowned king in that department (most other champs cant come close), gets overthrown in a matter of next tower event.

Milena has 30% more dps to all (390%), while can also tank, heal 20%, cleanse and dispell. She does all that, while Cobalt ‘‘ONLY’’ does 360% ignoring dmg to all and both go at same time? Oh, I forgot to mention, she also has 50% chance to give everyone a candy of 25% mana :stuck_out_tongue:

I think wrong version of Milena was taken out of the lab and into public. She should have some requirement to her dps like her fellow green wizard does, who also only does dps.

Balance is not necesarily main priority of mine. Diversity of valuable options and meaningful gameplay is :wink:

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