Lower the “defense bonus” instead of nerfing heroes

tldr: let’s nerf this absurd defensive stat boost that doesn’t fit the game anymore. I’d much rather hold fewer “trophies/cups” (which are nearly useless) than see all the good heroes in the game get ruined.

I see endless comments on how some heroes are just way too good and they’re ruining the game. 99 times out of 100, these people are referring to their experience with this hero on defense.

On the other hand, the same hero on offense is quite reasonable but the heroes are often too rare for many people to have that firsthand, offensive experience.

So, let’s nerf this absurd 20% boost to stats. It doesn’t fit the game anymore and it gives a totally unrealistic view of many of these heroes to the masses, which hurts the game in the long run.

Without this bonus I would go 6/6 almost every war, too boring… If we want this game to be fair and nice to play for everyone buff uderwhelming heroes.

Back on topic: I think this is really bad idea.


All I’m saying is, I’d much rather we nerf the defense bonus than nerf heroes that are perfectly reasonable on offense.

I think buffing weak heroes is a great idea but it’s not going to happen. Case in point: costumes, which are a buff but you have to pull the hero again. So it’s basically a new hero.

The real situation is people freak out at the inflated power of some heroes on defense and get up in arms about needed nerfs.


I absolutely agree with this suggestion.

The 20% bonus could be tiered… maybe it’s still 20% for lower cup tiers (or 4* heroes), but drops to 15 then 10% at the top with all fully emblemed 5*.

For specific heroes that are way overused, like Telly, I’ve never understood why they didn’t just lower her defense stat. I mean, all that incremental messing about with her special? Just let her be fun and useable on offense, but not overpowered on defense by… duh… lowering her defense stat. :upside_down_face:


That’s a great idea and I completely agree nobody ever mentions a hero that’s too good on offence because they would never know unless they had them and if they had them I highly doubt they’d be asking for it to be nerfed. They don’t have to completely remove the bonus just reduce it IMO. I’ve never had a hero that’s been nerfed but I am still dead against it.


I’m inclined to agree with you to the point where I’d suggest that Mr. Spock’s suggestion isn’t necessary.

I just spent hours smashing Top 10-100 defenses with weaker teams featuring two heroes not even fully leveled up yet.

For the 4800+ lineups, why should the players who spent $$$$ or benefited from the finicky RNG be punished in favor of the players that aren’t on that level?



And twenty more

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The problem comes when a card is released as a tank, then benefits further still from the defence buff.

An obvious tank, with it’s defence and hp stats, shouldn’t need to have this buff, and I think that is what the OP is saying.

Let the card, with it’s assorted lineup, win or lose on its own merits. If it was released with a 20% stat boost already built in, players would go nuts to pull it, or decry it as OP.

The game shouldn’t have it both ways, imo.

This sounds so absurd.
The problem is not that defense is too hard, the problem is that some heroes are sometimes op and overused compared to other heroes.

Removing the defense bonus would make op heroes less op and non op heroes really really bad.
Players who do not have a top defense tank would keep whining because they would just lose 300 cups overnight and big players would justwin every battle in raid, war and tournament.
What a crappy game it would be!

Plus there is currently absolutely no op tank.
Telluria has been heavily nerfed and is perfectly beatable, not even the best tank in game.
BK is good but not because of his defense stats and he’s been around for ages without being a problem.


That’s simply because you don’t see the offensive performance against you, not because offense is balanced.

Gazelle is gamebreaking on offense and everyone who has her knows it, but no one is going to argue for a nerf to their shinies.

On topic, at this point, I believe the bonus is necessary to have a chance to lose on offense.

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Is that not a clear indication to you that a flat, across-the-board defense bonus causes problems? The difference between good and bad heroes already exists nonetheless so the only thing achieved by the defense bonus currently is some cup inflation :roll_eyes:

This is off topic, but Gazelle is not “game breaking” on offense lol. I have her and only use her in war. Her special is strong but she’s squishy and impedes spirit links and all other team buffs, which is a fair equalizer for the power she adds.

Read the title… “lower” not “eliminate”

I would rather have that invisible bonus remain as is. The problem with OP’s contention is that he is viewing it from an angle of elite players with topnotch heroes fully emblemed and supported by maxed troops. I dont think majority of the players have the ninja, costume, challenge and seasonal event heroes. Most players have their S1 heroes and a few HOTMs and special heroes obtained from free or cheap pulls. Lowering that bonus would greatly degrade the morale of most players who are able to come up with their inferior defense as much as they can.

With all due respect, count me out of this pending massacre if the idea pushes through.

So you would rather SG continues to nerf heroes because they’re too strong on defense?

Haha !! Nothing in my post says anything like that. What I was saying is that majority of the players dont have premier heroes for defense. Nerfing the bonus stats on defense of common heroes would be a blow to most players since they’ll be witnessing a daily loss of at least 300 cups every morning when waking up with their common heroes put up in defensive raids.

I agree. Nerfing heroes should not be made and done by SG. They should have extensively test the hero design before releasing them in the live game. They should listen to beta testers and not only focus on the possible revenues to be garnered by releasing the OP hero. As of late, I only see Clarissa as the latest decent HOTM as the subsequent ones after her are somewhat underwhelming. Prior to the purple GM, we had Malosi, Telluria, Vela, Jean Francois, Kingston, Seshat, etc. who are good HOTMs. But the new heroes from Ninja Tower and the seasonal and challenge event additions, including the S3 are mostly power creep heroes which should not be released as is.

I asked a question, settle down. Questions are requests for more information to help clarify. A question is not an assertion. :ok_hand:t2:

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