Lower the cost of summons from Atlantis Coins

Since SG remove the Atlantis Coins from every chest and replaced with Valhala Coins, the cost of the summon with Atlantis Coins should be half (50) Coins or less.

yeah…i play for 1 year and an half, and still havent got any 5 * from atlantis…and now they are taking them away?..yeah, put it cheaper or less coins…something, please


Either that or finally a way to get Atlantis heroes via training. Maybe in the long awaited Hero Academy. Also, SGG could reconsider introducing their ‘Advanced Training Camp’ that was shown in one of the sneak peeks last summer.

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Is this fact no more Atlantis coins in any Chest or mystic visions?

No, but getting more rare due to costume keys. I just got 5 from a raid chest yesterday.

Reduced gem and coin costs would be appreciated nevertheless.

I’d suggest 250/2000/5000 gems, 70 coins and at a 1% chance from TC20.

It will be in V28

Check the #news-announcements section for Petri’s announcement

@Olmor too


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