Lower the cost in Academy Troop Training

Lower academy troop training cost in for using recruits by 50%. It’s too expensive in required recruits for building 2* and 3*. since its random will take long time and expensive to get the color troops your after.

Are you referring to the cost of training troops or the cost of summoning troops?! Confused :dizzy_face:. I’m thinking, your thread title and post description don’t match.

Training troops - I agree is mega-expensive!

you either pay with resources and time or with real money. I’ll take resource over real money

It is not the cost that bothers me when it comes to training troops in HA. It is time to train troops. Two and a half day for train 3* troop is too much IMO. And it takes 1500 gems to speed up training of a single 3* troop. Why the hell would anyone do that when 10x summon (both 3* and 4* guaranteed) cost 1600 gems? Just ridiculous.


Personally, that’s why I prefer the 2* troops. A 2* troop gives 90 experience (21 hrs) vs 3* troop with 200 experience (60 hrs). Timewise you can almost get you 3x2* troops vs 1x 3* troop, so a bit more experience. You lose out on recruits and iron, but my supply of Arcane Scripts is much higher than Tall Boots and Scabbards which I’ll keep for Alchemy Lab 10A. Of course, there’s also food considerations as feeding 3 troops costs more than 1 troop, but that’s a trade-off. Of course, my issue is the AMs being used, I’ll prefer using 15x Arcane Scripts vs 5x Tall Boots and Scabbards.



I have an opposite view. I rather do HA6 and get them 3* troops than doing HA4 to get 2* troops for the simple reason that the food cost at higher levels is insanely high, those 2* troops are ideal only for leveling troops below level 23. I noticed this since I have lost a significant number of days queued in my TC20 just to get my troops to another level.

But of course, I would support the notion of reducing the cost of troops training in Hero Academy.

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Lol… yeah thats what I meant. As an average player my max recruit threshold is 248. I can only train 4 2* and have to wait like 8 days. Yet you can train 2* heroes in 5min. With the random draws i could easily have to wait for weeks before I pull a 2* red hero which I need for 3* tourneys.

So yes, reduce recruit cost for training troops

I have 4 & 6 running continuously. I do agree the time for 3"s is rather loooooong

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