Lower teams beating higher teams

I have been attacked consistently by much much lower teams in raids. Loading three to four hundred cups. I have over 4300 team points as well as troops almost fully levelled. My lowest troop are level 28. Most of the teams that attack are very low, with with troops around 7 to 10. I lose to them every ti.e, however if I revenge and win, I get maybe 16 or 17 cups back. These are teams that if I revenge I win easily, but when they attack, I lose. This is wrong. There were complaints of higher team raid lower teams and winning, but by the same token, it’s the same only the other way around. These are teams that should never have won, but did. Something needs to change. I work hard for my cups, I don’t wa want to lose them to an unfair attack. With my stats, I should be in the 2700 cup catagory, but these little teams can and do quickly pull me back down to platinum in a night. I have been playing a very long time and this just seems wrong.

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