Lower powered heroes beating higher ones in raids

I have had much lower raid teams kill off my much higher raid team. One was 395 with only one hero that won a LOT of my trophies and I have over 3500 power. How is this happening??? I also lose a lot more trophies than I gain !!! This is not what I read when first starting raids. Those within my power level, give or take about 100, would be competitive.

On the other side, I have higher scoring teams that kick my butt. This is expected since it does follow the rule.

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The defense teams are not the same teams those players have for real.
Some awesome players -like me- drop their cups to make it easier yo fill up chest of heroes and to get better resources.
When we log out we put low defenses to make it easy to drop the cups.


Putting only one hero on defence is really bad form. Makes it more difficult for other players to fill their wanted mission hero chests. And reroll costs food …

But yes, this is cup dropping.


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