Low resolution images rendered for Heroes

Device: iPhone XS Max
OS: iOS 12.3.1
Game Version: 22.1.0 Build 600

After updating, all hero images load with an extremely low resolution image initially. Following a noticeable delay, the high resolution image is rendered. The high resolution images appear to remain cached. The delay is more prominent when on wireless data. On WiFi (1 Gigabit download) the delay is less noticeable and the image typically renders in high resolution ~50% of the way through its expand animation.

I am not certain if this has always been the behavior, but it’s impactful enough to user experience that I think it warrants a post. This may be a sign of uncompressed images being deployed as part of the the release.


This happens now and again.

I also seem to remember it occurring around updates but can’t be sure.

It has always corrected itself after a day or so previously.

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EDIT: reason, can’t edit: Kint, my experience exactly (except that my struggling iPad4 10.4.4 + yesterdays update and it exhibits the same behaviour (they also fixed 2 bugs that no one had been stupid enough to report in public). A hard reset/reboot and a player card takes up to well over a 100 milliseconds to render. Actually at 100 it’s not an issue but when you have the time to contemplate counting seconds, it’s really annoying and they seem to have fixed one lovely bug that only a complete moron would complain about. So much for one less piece of personal pleasure and happiness.

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