Low Probabilities Lead To Superstition and Madness


I would have benefitted but I don’t want to see either of these.

They would move the game closer to p2w and make it less playable for free players.

It is a delicate balance, and if anything, is already too much tipped toward the $€£¥ side.

And I’d note that devs have stated that the summon odds haven’t changed since global release, so I don’t expect them to.


Let’s consider 50-sided dice numbered from 1 to 50 and 5* hero under number 1. There’s always 1:50 chance to roll 1 (to get 5*) with each roll, but you may never roll 1 after 50 tries, there’s no guarantee you do, because numbers can repeat.


I don’t see why that would move more to P2W…even free players do pulls. All it would do is make people feel better about a bad pull and perhaps less likely to frustration quit.


The current system makes it so that super-spenders that drop $1000+ are the only ones practically guaranteed to get every hero that they want.

My suggestions definitely help people that pay, but they’re more focused on the occasional or intermediate spender to give them more of a shot to get heroes while reducing odds of getting nothing.

Spenders are the reason that this game exists. If there was no p2w element there would be no game. The more that people spend the more incentive that the company also has to improve the game, such as with the coming addition of Season 2. If the game wasn’t as profitable as it is, we wouldn’t be getting a whole new map of levels for both f2p and p2w players to enjoy.

I agree that it’s hard to maintain the delicate balance. I think the current system benefits the top top level of spenders the most while everyone else gets occasional lucky scraps. This makes it so that only those top top spenders have really good shots at being the most competitive.

Some f2p players do ok, but it’s usually short-lived and having a lot to do with luck.


Sorry, this was a little while ago but HA!!

“Can I have a pineapple please?”
“Sorry, here’s three duplicate blueberries and a crab apple, that’ll be $20 please…”


I half-agree–it would benefit the limited spenders more than the huge spenders. It also might benefit SG’s bottom line by having low/mid spenders spend more.

However I stand by my statement that it would shift the balance away from free players toward paying ones.

It only helps people who pay for summons with gems, and guess what. Free players have way fewer gems to spend that way, so they will (relatively, effectively) lose out.

For free players, even worse, it would also mean that people willing to spend a fixed (but perhaps large) amount would be guaranteed to get a 5* roster, or get event heroes, making them harder to compete against.


I wish I could like your comment more than once. Common sense is rare in these discussions, but you’ve nailed it. Expectation management is an important life skill that is sorely lacking these days, it would seem.


Yeah I agree that it would benefit people that spend some and not F2P players.

I believe that people should get something for their money though, and this would make sure they did.


Speaking as someone who used to write slot machine software I can assure you that E&P will never be considered subject to gambling regulations because you are spending money to win … Nothing tangible. By your reasoning skill cranes could be subject to those regulations also.


I’m not an IT guy, but if the devs can’t literally do anything about the low probabilities, all of our growing anger and frustration will gradually bring an end to this game itself.

I mean if it works like spinning the lucky wheel and you’ve just never been lucky enough, what exactly can we do about it? I know it could be as simple as adding more segments with more good stuffs to the wheel itself, but what if the system they created is way more sophisticated than that?

I won’t bore you with another theory, but if the probability can’t be improved for technical reasons, the devs must be in a difficult situation now. They can’t publicly say to all angry players that they can’t do anything about it; neither can they improve the system.


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At the summon gate I petition her Holiness Kailani to send me the finest Heroes between the sea and sky :roll_eyes:


Thanks - I agree, too, that it’s something more pervasive than this game (expectation management being poor).


that & impulse control. It’s all about the children


Obviously they have complete control over the probabilities. The probabilities factor into the business model. Ultimately SG wants you to spend money on the game. So while all items and heroes are ultimately obtainable given enough time, they want you to spend some money to get these heroes and items faster. If SG doesn’t make money, they fold as a startup, shut down the E&P servers and we all lose out.