Low level matchups?

I’m a fairly new player, level 11. I have one 3 star hero, Bane. Why, in raids, am I being matched against teams with a full roster of 4-stat heroes, 700+ points higher than me?

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Raid matches are based on cups and cups alone. How many cups do you have, and how many them?

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ATM I have 27 cups. Can’t win a match.

I remember going through that too. It is very discouraging. I think the system matches you up based on recent victories.

Say you won three in a row. Then, you will not be matched with someone near your level, but instead jump, say +300 cups. Pair that with people that cup drop, meaning, they lose cups on purpose to stay at a “comfortable level” to ensure as many smooth and easy victories as possible, there you have it.

The above is mere speculation on my part of course, it´s just based on the experience I have had while levelling up too (I recently started playing a few months ago)

What I do now is raid with the aim to fill my Hero Chest, just once a day. When doing so, I try to aim for two victories, then one defeat, even if I can win it. That seems to place me more on equal terms against teams, and now I usually get paired with those who have the same amount of cups or a few 100 higher than I do.

Keep at it. It will get better. Just think of the raiding aspect of the game as something, that isn´t ideal, but make the best of it. Best of luck to you. :slight_smile: :four_leaf_clover:

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indeed, it’s very frustrating at the beginning. I almost rage quit a few times in my first 3 months… hang in there. I found raiding more fun once I got stronger heroes and learned about things like color-stacking and choosing heroes that work well together.

In addition to what @Gwniver mentioned above, other things can affect cup level . some players have very strong heroes but don’t raid often, so their cups drop a bit more than players who use every single raid flag they get…

here’s an excellent resource on improving raiding:

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At this level, winning raid is not going to help you much. Just try to kill some heroes (use counter color against the center enemy hero) to accomplish the wanted mission, even it may take a day or two.

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As a new player at a low level your main objective right now is to fill your chest easily without using the little bit of food on rerolls that your farms are producing.

There’s a tactic often used in the game for various reasons that’s called “cup dropping”, which is when someone sets a much lower defense team to keep their cups real low, and then revenge for raids against much easier teams. Starting out, cup dropping is advised.

To do this, set five 1* heroes as your defense. Make sure to use 5 heroes because the person attacking you is also filling their chest and they will appreciate the easy cups (that you’ll easily win back).

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Thanks for the all the advice. I’ll keep on slugging and hope for the best

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