Low Effort Posts in Ideas thread should be automatically deleted

As the Title says, Low Effort Posts in Ideas thread should be automatically deleted.

Honestly the Ideas & Feature Requests, is swarming with the same weekly/monthly ideas which no sensible person will take seriously. And even new ideas that may be good, are so low effort and usually from a completely subjective view, that they will not get any recognition. If a person doesn’t show the least bit effort to the idea they are presenting, why should anyone take them seriously? It really doesn’t require anything else than thinking through the idea and asking yourself is this reasonable or realistic? If not, how could you make an idea realistic?

For an example asking a nerf of a hero and suggesting to completely ruining the hero isn’t realistic. Offering a nerf and suggesting a reasonable fix to an OP hero is the correct way of representing the Idea.

And now even if someone makes a good post, puts effort and thinks through their proposition for a Feature Request there’s a good chance that the one in a hundred good Idea will be buried under all of the most idiotic and common Ideas.

Sorry if this was too cynical for you.


Well, in democracy, even idiotic and lame ideas are still eligible to be heard. It is up to the majority and the leaders to find merit on the idea, maybe polishing it to see the shimmer, like a diamond in the rough.


In the “good old days” the staff (@petri himself I think) used to regularly update a pinned thread. These were the ideas they’d implemented, the ideas they were actively working on, the ideas they’d like to do but probably couldn’t, and the requests that didn’t stand a chance.

This was handy because before posting you could see if it was worth mentioning or not.

Also one person’s good idea is another’s trash, and vice versa. Let’s try not to go any further into the world of polarised social media style thinking…


Also, if you really want cynical, perhaps this thread should be moved to the Ideas & Feature Requests board, where it can be drowned out by 99 inferior posts :wink:

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Honestly it’s a little bit of a vent, maybe this should be merged there lol. But i do still believe that there should be a little bit of an effort behind even the worst ideas to make them presentable.

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Don’t forget that in some cases (not all, granted) English isn’t an OP’s first language, and Google Translate makes a total mess of whatever it is they are trying to say


I think I shared some of the OP’s frustration with the Ideas area. But rather than insisting people only make posts that interest myself, I muted the entire category :woman_shrugging:


@littleKAF please don’t edit my posts for content. I was speaking of how nutty thinking permeates all parts of life. I don’t see how saying a country’s politics is strange and that unreasonable thinking has become popular is any sort of violation. I studied politics in college. I didn’t use any derogatory language nor attack anyone. It was a simple generalization. Next time pls ask me to edit or delete the whole thing, like Im doing.

Always must exists 2 different (and more) opinions and it’s OK

Please keep in mind that this is a global forum to discuss the game. Comments on any countries politics can be read poorly by various people, whether in That country or not.

I appreciate the response and the thoughts in your reply.


…and that’s not even the core of the problem… the real problem is they also are eligible to be elected, so if a large enough number of lame idiots decide the idiotic and lame ideas are worth following, society’s doomed… this is how cartoon characters sometimes rise to power, and act acordingly to their nature… well, that’s life I supose, it goes on untroubled by such trivial matters.

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