Low drop rate for 4 and 5*s

I dont know if the algorithm is off or what, but lately it seems 95% of pulls are 3s. It is the same way for everyone in my alliance. It is very discouraging. I have literally only pulled one hero over 3 per month the last few months.

I wish it was a fixable bug too

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Isn’t that the truth @FrenziedEye!!
Maybe we should open a ticket about this glitch?? :wink:

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Hmmmm…surprised it was never mentioned before.

Na minha ALIANÇA esta igual nem com gemas esta a sair herois e catg 20 so mesmo 3 *

Well it seems summons were never working correctly, from the very beginnings of this game :wink:

I wonder if we will get a refund? I’m going to buy a car or two if we do!!!

I didn’t know you can exchange a titan flask for a car

A Titan flask? Are you in the wrong thread? We are discussing how the summons portal is glitched and only gives 3* heroes?

This is going straight up to the Supreme Court if necessary!! I want my 2 pinto’s!!! Classic cars are the best, AND most explosive!!

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