Love those arrows

Since we are apparently not allowed to like the arrows in AW in a topic that is about hating them, I started a new topic. No, we have to present logic on why they are neccessary, we can’t just like a new mechanism.
Well I do like them, so here is a topic about why we like them and what we like about them :wink: .

I like the arrows, because they make the strategy different then normal raids. (I do like raiding, but I don’t want a new feature to be the same as something I do a lot already)
I don’t think they should be changed, they are fine as they are (although I wouldn’t mind them to change it up and throw some hot oil from a wall with the same damage as the arrows :wink: ).

Please don’t hate the arrows in this topic. I don’t buy into the arguments presented against the arrows on this forum…

Edit: I take back the last sentence, this is a forum and people are allowed to express their opinion. I hope we can spread the arrow love though. Just imagine Cupid firing them maybe :slight_smile:


I love the arrows, but I’m tempted to post hatred of them here as a matter of general principle. :rage:


I do not love or hate them. However, after you get through 3 or 4 teams and try to pick up a few points with less powerful heros they hurt quite a bit.

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Yes, well as a general principle I don’t like setting rules in a specific forum topic either. But after getting two responses in other topics that I shouldn’t like them as they are and I will like them better if they get tweaked or removed, I got kind of annoyed. I am a grown woman and I can decide for myself what I do and don’t like, thank you very much. I don’t need to present to anyone any arguments why I like them.
I hate beer, but I don’t expect others to present arguments why beer doesn’t taste yukkie, I believe them when they say they like the taste of beer, even though I can’t imagine anyone could like beer :wink: .


Fair enough. Let’s agree that whoever told you not to express your opinion was an oaf, and we should not lower ourselves to their level by demanding that others not express their opinions.

(I really do love the arrows too, btw.)

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I won’t sully this topic with refences to the plenty of material out there arguing against them, because you asked not to, and generally I like and respect your posts.

I will say I see their point and support it. You are well aware of my opinions on them and feel that their end can be achieved in other ways. Am I allowed to say that?

Of course you’re allowed to love them in a hate thread… I encourage it. Of course expect to be challenged on your reasoning though.

I’m happy you like arrows. I wish I could join you.


I put an edit in my first post :wink: . Everyone is allowed to say their piece.


At first, I found the arrows quite annoying, just because I was not sure how much they would hurt my team and they did hurt a lot. But it is just another challenge and forces you to compose your both your defensive and offensive teams and choose which heroes to levelup accordingly. So the arrows are something I have learned to deal with and have ultimately accepted. I probably would not go as far as saying I love them, though :wink:


I can’t say I love them, or even like them, but wars would lose something without them. They add a new level of strategy (should I charge my healer first, or finish off this weakened hero first?). I curse them roundly when they kill my fully charged Isarnia though.

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The arrows are fun, they have actually helped me out recently and I view them in a completely different light.

I was taking my 5th team against a full team with a 3^60 kashrek tank. My 5th team consists of 5 level 1 3* heroes that are fast mana because I don’t expect them to do much but maybe get a special skill off before dying. Anyways by timing my tiles correctly (and using mp attack from azar) I was able to put a lot of hurt on the tank bringing him down to under 300hp - and he didn’t get to use his special because the arrows took out both my last 2 heroes the same turn it was fully charged.

Don’t get me wrong a tile cascade the turn or two before that could’ve ruined it altogether, but basically the arrows assisted my weak team in dealing lasting damage because the special healing skill was average mana gain and my team didn’t last that long.


You had me at “I like the arrows”, then throw a “I hate :beer:” curveball!? :rofl:

I think the arrow attacks as currently implemented make AW work, as we would otherwise just have additional raiding.

Flag them for moderator review if need be.

Childish responses don’t warrant posting this sort of thread imo.

I cannot say I love them, but do sort of like them because they cause me to think more about what I am doing. Silly reason, but there you have it.

I love the arrows, but I’m not in love with them, if you know what I mean.

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