Love/hate my Defensive team

So, my previous D team was Seshat +7, Mom North +2, Thorne +5, Tyr +7, and CJoon +6. I would loose 80% or more of the attacks done on me. I only got attacked a few times a day and had to attack just to fill my chest. I would get frustrated with all of the defensive losses. So I wanted to change thing up some.

My current D is Mok-Arr +6, Wilber +19, Gobbler +18, Agwe +0, WuKong +0. I get attacked 15 or more times a day. (hate part), but win like 50% or more of attacks done to me (love part). In fact I get attacked so much, the only raids I perform are revenge raids. Just that keeps my chest full.

Every hour or so, my phone lights up… “Your base was attacked by Someone” (I actually was attacked by a team called Someone). I guess my team is like catnip and screams attack me. Keep it up. You are helping me stay low end diamond/ high platinum.

I don’t see how it’s possible for you to stay in diamond with that second defense team, it’s horrid.

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I know…but it works. They win 3 in a row sometimes. It is supposed to be bad… but… it works!

I just got attacked while posting this. I won 24. go figure!

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