🦅 Louhi – 5* Dark / Purple from Legends of Kalevala

Witches and Warlocks I believe is the definition, I dunno I’m no expert :slight_smile:

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Did you bother to look it up at all? A witch can be me male or female.

In fantasy settings - books and games - I have seen it both ways. In some, yes, a warlock is a male witch. In others there are male and female witches and/or male and female warlocks.

In E&P - at least with the Spanish translations - Louhi is referred to as her and she. From the name (appearing to be similar to Louie) and appearance, I originally thought Louhi to be a male character, but the game does suggest female


Uh, the easy way to settle the gender question is to go to the source material, the Kalevala, which is a Finnish epic poem. (Think of it like Beowulf, or the Iliad, but for Finland.)

Louhi is the queen of the realm of Pohjola. And a witch. And a shapeshifter. And a big baddie. But definitely female.


Didn’t refer at her like “She” when they were singing in the game?

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I want to like this hero, but feel 250% isn’t that great. Reminds me of Wolfgang, who I have maxed at 85, and I feel his damage is underwhelming so he spends his time sitting on the bench now.

260 or 270% would’ve been better. We have a lot of AOE heroes now who do more than 300% at average speed. I understand Louhi also dispels and applies a defense down, but the defense down % isn’t very high and still requires you to fire other heroes after to make use of it. 250% seems a pretty big penalty for having the dispel and defense down. 270% would be much better. With so many strong purples in the game, he needs a bit of a push for people to actually level him. Especially as he’s the newest hero out.

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I was lucky to pull Louhi, was really hoping for the blue healer, woulda been a beast tank.

So, have 12 tabards (i usually wait til i have enough for 2 before ascending) and potential to ascend are Rayne, Killhare, Freya (all at 3.70), then unleveled i obv have Lohi, then Arafinas, Viscaro (he’d be good for vfast) then also Hannah, and 2nd Xnolphod as potential to get maxed. Still leaning Rayne, clash of knights has been good to me, have wolfgang, quintin, rayne & eloise. Still leaning rayne since i have quintin & wolfgang maxed, with quintin they’d get family bonus

2nd xnol without a doubt, then KH and maybe rayne. The rest of your darks are not urgent, they may make an improvement but probably not.

I wouldn’t recommend killhare over louhi. 300% aoe on a reasonably small attack stat isn’t that devastating in the game these days and she exposes your team after she hits. I see louhi as a much more useful hero


She feels very similar to Hypnos’s 2nd charge, except that Hypnos does 20% more damage and prevents status buffs instead of a DD :thinking:


Anyone using this one yet? Just puller her, Feel she could be useful against all the taunt and repost teams out there. Was currently leveling Afranias, but may have to back burner him?

i would definitely prioritize Louhi over Arfanias.


I was very lucky to get loughi and kullervo (I’m FTP). I’m thinking of replacing seshat and deavana with the two of them taking advantage of the family bonus. Should I give loughi emblems in his defense or attack? I also have the enerrador, c. kadilen and skadi in defense


Kinda fortunate in that regard. Monk class allows you to level both attack and defense in most nodes.

Did you mean replacing Seshat and Devana from your defense team? In that case, I do think Louhi and Kullervo could work better. I would go attack with Louhi but as someone else has stated, it’s thankful you get to level both up in most nodes anyway. Also Louhi is a female, just pointing that out since I keep seeing her being referred to as ‘him’ :upside_down_face:


My Kulervo : Def path , 90% of choices
He is not there to kill but to disarm

Louhi: would go for attack

Happy gaming

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Can’t believe you have Wolfgang on the bench, lol. He’s awesome and in quite a few top defenses. You must have a strong lineup though.

Would definitely focus on Rayne next…