Lots of options, who to use !?

I have multiple 5 stars and currently at an ascension stand still … so wondering who out of all my 5 stars should I use??? I have 3 red 5 stars currently… Gravemaker, Azlar, and Khagan… who’s the best red I have?? And for green I currently have Caedmon fully maxed but he’s a 5 star but still I leave him in due to being fully maxed, but 5 stars I have Lady of the lake and Zocc ??? Put lady of the lake in??? She’s a healer and currently I’m using a red 4 star healer Boldtusk… but once I put a 5 star red he will be replaced right??? Then blue I have a healer as well tho , Raffaele and have Richard we my other 5 star blue… purple I have Domitia, Clarissa, and Grimble… and yellow 5 star I have Joon, bai yeoung and a few 4 stars with talent grids … trying to find the best possible team and which healer to use and which color to use, even while at a material stand still smh. Know it’s long to read lol and prolly all over the place, but needing help please ! :sos::sos::sos::blush::blush::blush::wink::+1::+1: thank you!

Hey bossbrittany - a couple questions;

  1. Is this for a raid defence team? Or a war defence team? (is tank colour the same for the whole alliance?)
  2. What are your objectives? To be in diamond raid tier and stay there?
  3. At what level and ascension are these heroes?

My suggestions, based on the info provided would be to put Lady of the Lake in as tank, then build the team around that.


Domitia - Rafaelle - Lady of the Lake - Gravemaker - Joon
Clarissa - Rafaelle - Lady of the Lake - Gravemaker - Joon

Note: A picture is worth a thousand words - so often a screenshot of your heroes will make others’ help a lot easier.
Best of luck!


I am gonna approach this from the best raid/war def angle:

Out of those 3 reds Gravemaker 100%. He is considered by many to be one of the best heroes in game.

Lady of the Lake is an awesome green healer. Her minions mana control are the best minions in game imo. As green tanks are dominant in wars currently she makes an awesome choice for that too as @MuadDib mentioned as well.

For your yellows I like Joon. Still one of the best snipers in game and if you end up getting his costume…even better.

For purple I like either Domitia or Clarissa. Clarissa gives you flexibilty in that she is great on offense but can also be a serviceable purple tank should you ever need. Beyond that though, Domitia would serve well as a decent sniper with a dispel as well.

For blues I would go Richard since both Raff and LotL on the same team would be overkill imo. Of course, depending on your needs maybe Raff goes first.

For a decent raid def from left to right you could go:
Gravemaker-Domitia (or Clarissa)-LotL-Richard-Joon

I don’t know what your current ascension mat situation is but that seems solid to me. All of those heroes would serve you well on offense as well. Whichever you choose, good luck and hope this helps!

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Assume everybody is maxed.

(Raffaele or richard) -GM-LoTL-clarissa-joon.

Raffaele or richard isn’t necessary. U can change it with another hero (preferably fast offensive hero)

Mostly my team uses purple for tanks. But I’ve been using my 4 star boril with the counter attack, I have a pic of my war defense team but I’m kinda iffy on it and also iffy on the whole purple tank thing, since I’ve heard green is a better way to go. I was with my last team for over two years and just now joined this new team and trying to stick it out lol.

That’s my war defense as of right now.

and these are my teams. All needing ascension materials…: and I’ve been trying extremely hard to get them !

It said I could write back in my email so I replied and don’t remember what I said since now it says I can’t do it that way so idk. I’m assume it’s safe to go with lady of the lake tho for sure so that’s good to know, I’ve been trying so hard for ascension materials but all my heroes are stuck at the last tier and need at least 2 or more things to ascend full so it’s a pain in the ■■■ smh.

That’s what I was thinking also, to try for a whole new blue 5 star hero all together… raffael and Richard aren’t bad heroes, but I’m just not fond of either one of them.

Richard is decent if you get his costume but as a base S1 hero there’s better. Of course we can only look at what we have in front of us as this game promises nothing.

I got to the point where it was Magni or Raffaele and none of them really added anything to my Blue stack so I held back the Scopes and I got lucky and landed Glenda. So don’t be afraid to wait if you need to.

I forgot I also have a yellow 5 star guinivere and purple 5 star zulag as well… both healers , like exactly the same . So with lady of the lake I forget about them. But idk if I should build one of them instead. Of course I have tons of healers, or even bunch of 5 star yellow and purple… prolly take forever to get a decent blue hero tho,

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