Lost world energy after update 1.6.1


On 29/08 i update from 1.5.2 to 1.6.1

And ever since the update i lost several times world energy!
On the 29/08 at least 3x 4 world energy.
On the 30/08 in the quest 20 (at 09:00 CET) and 16 (at 22:10 CET)

each time i wanted to start the battle and then the screen froze, in the button the circel kept turning.
When i lost the 20 energy i waited for 15 min to log out, when i logged back in i had lost them.

I removed the game from my tablet and then reinstal from ggogle play store.
After the reinstal it happend again at 22:10 CET, accept i directly got the lost connected error.

Connection here at home is strong, and never had these kind of problems, plz help.


Please contact support regarding this issue. You can reach them ingame:

Menu > Options > Support (Technical Issue)


Anyone know how fast support responds for an issue like this? I just had it crash as I was attempting last level of Farholme l. Submitted ticket and I hope they respond before it ends


How fast did they respond? curious


The next day after Farholme was over


Gah! I’m so sorry… :disappointed_relieved: