Lost war flag

As soon as I pressed attack in war the game kicked me and told me I couldn’t connect for around 3 minutes then when I got back in it said the opponent I chose was already under attack.


Same thing just happened to me! And now I’m one attack requirement short from completing the path of valor challenge for war attacks even though all my flags were used!


I JUST noticed that! I hope they can help!

Same thing happend to one of my mates in the alliance…

She couldn’t do her attack and the flag was lost.

But, additionally, this attack didn’t count towards PoV. She is now at 17/24 instead of 18/24, was 12/24 before this war.

The war is already over but can you at least insert the missing attack in POV?

See video:
War attack error

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Same here. I lost 3 flags.

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Same issue, thought this was weird…luckily still won the war.

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Same here. I was wondering and thought it was me and it happened to help us lose the war.

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