Lost war after war ended

Has anyone had this happen? My alliance was in a VERY close war. All flags used on our side and the opponent had one member with 2 flags left. Less than 30 points difference between scores (we were up) and the player with flags logged off with 3 minutes left. Count down clock starts, at 7 seconds left in war he logs back on but makes no reservation. Clock reaches zero, you see the “War Over” message. About 10 seconds later it shows that individual battling one of our teams. He wins and we lose. I have no pics or video because it never occurred to us to record. We were celebrating because he came on too late. How did that happen? Game lag? The opponent never ever showed reserved.

I’d say he did it on purpose, eyeballing the clock, all in for the drama effect. Must have had some strong team left and attacked one of your weak links for 30 points, being 100% sure he’ll win. As for the no reseravtion part… no idea… but, things tend to get a bit foggy whenever any event ends. There is a grey area while the servers process info from millions of players and asign loot.


No bug in this. You can’t attack after time over. But your attack can be done as long as it started before. I’ve already used my last flag like that.


That’s my question, there wasn’t even a reservation before time ended. 10 seconds after time ended a battle showed up. Game lag? Or bug?

more probably this. I sometimes even see my teammates cry victory (seeing ended, not anticipating) while it’s counting in my phone.

I second the motion. No other explanation. As @Ian487 had stated, everything gets blurry on the last few minutes/seconds on most events.

What others said, he probably quickly went to battle in last seconds, if you didn’t refresh the field maybe it didn’t show.

I once had a lag that showed that some battle was still taking place though the outcome was already visible in attack list :woman_shrugging:t2:

What a freaking legend!!! As long as you start your attack before the clock reaches zero, you can conclude your attack. It is not an unknown rule.

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

why fight must be at the last moment? isn’t that too risky? sometimes there are times when the signal suddenly disappears. I think fighting at the last minute makes us rush and can’t concentrate.

You don’t have to rush to finish the battle, you just need to start before the countdown ends…

My alliance was kept on tenterhooks for quite a while once. The opponent’s last flag started battle in the dying seconds of war, took his own sweet time to finish, and won his side the war (we were up by about 30 points, would have won without that darn last flag, so it was rubbing salt into our wounds)

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