Lost trained heroes in TC queue

Removed since support wants this bug to hit you.

When you collect them and reach the limit of your storage, the icon of “new heroes” keep staying on the training camp as to say “you have still other heroes to collect”.

Are you saying that if you exceed the storage limit and cancel the remaining trainings at the same time the icon go away, as you had packed all the trained heroes in your storage?

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Yes, that’s what I’m saying. Icon gone and no heroes left to collect…

Ouch, thats really awful. You lost hundred of heroes just to spare 18.

I don’t know if considering it a bug or what, i guess training camp it is not meant at first to using that way.
But sure you lost something that you suppose to have without reason.

Why don’t you just cancel 17 trainings and wait to end the last? :rofl:

Yes, but waiting for another 30 mins? No way! :wink:

Well, if I knew I would have been stripped of around 325 heroes I think I would have let the last one complete the training…

Lol, i know your pain.
I wasted too things just to spare some minutes in a game where minutes are just nothing.

I really hope they resolve your problem.
It’s too great of a loss for not doing nothing, and you are just too calm for not help :wink:

So do I, but to be realistic I think I’m screwed :frowning:

I would definitely report this to game support:


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Yep, done that. Just waiting for an answer, fingers crossed.

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