Lost titan energy

Hi i was about to hit the titan and was diconnected and lost 1 titan energy, wonder if i could get 1 free energy or a titan flask, thank you.


I just had the same problem I hit fight titan but lost connection to your server so it shows up as I attacked for 0 damage when my internet connection was fine but it was on account of your server
I hope this doesn’t effect my titan attack grade when it dies, I would like a refund of the energy or something.

twice the game totally crashed on me the screen went black and i could have done more damage and it did disconnect on me twice too, were one was my last hit before the time was up and got a zero, but i did obtain a titan flask 2 times in the free loot tower, so maybe this will happen to you at some point.

My Titan match ends early before the time runs out. One time I still had 13 seconds left in the clock!

I also experienced a Titan issue. I woke up with 3 Titan attacks and only used two. (I got my cape to ascend a hero so I stopped to switch hero’s) when I came back to the Titan my 3rd attack was gone.

Guys. Get screenshots or nobody can help you…

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