Lost the war but the scores do not match

Today we finished the war with a loss. We had 3.844 points and our opponent had 4.281 points.
However, when you add up all individual scores our total matches the individual scores but not of our opponent. They only add up to 3.830.
So we should have won!

Anyone have this issue as well?
I took pictures to prove it all but i don’t know if i can post the other alliance name and members here.

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If your opponent score is 4,281 and your alliance score is 3,844 you lose.

The difference is 437 points.

Did they force you to respawn? in other words did your whole alliance get taken out ?

200 points is given for a complete respawn of an alliance.

Yes they did made us respawn. I didn’t know you get 200 points for that.
And i know they beat us with 400+ points but when counting their individual scores it only added up to 3.830. But i didn’t know about the extra 200 points for a respawn.
So thanks for helping out!

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There is no respawn bonus points… You get nothing for wiping all enemys except the normal points.

Are you sure that You have counted all points?

Did your opponent still have all members at the end of the war? Were team members on the field reading ex-member? If so, this is where your difference lies.
When a member leaves or is kicked out, their points remain in the total score. However, these points are removed from the list of individual scores.
@Emerald_Rain, as @craftsphere has mentioned, there is NO bonus for a respawn

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Hai may i know whats respawn? :grin:

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respawn is when all the opponent’s teams are defeated, all are shown black - then all of those teams are respawned, ergo they can all be attacked again, without the wait (6 hours, 8 hours, 10 hours…)

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Ok so no bonus points for a respawn?
I did see some ex-members so i think that might be it then. But they should keep that in the overview as well actually. To avoid doupt. Just mention ex-member in the list of individual scores is sufficient. That way the scores always add up to the total score

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They are removed from the list, because the list is used for war loot and war chest.
The important thing is, they are not removed from the score total - meaning you won.

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Oooo… if our team calls it lights out :rofl::rofl:

Apologise the bonus points are not given for alliance wipeout/respawn been a longtime since we have had one.

Check the number of players in the log and see if that corresponds to the number of players who took part in the war. If members leave the alliance after the war, their entry is removed from the log. That would throw off your recount.

Thx for the responses everyone. It was indeed the number of people who left the other alliance what created the difference in points.

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