Lost Telluria at start of level 28? or 27? of ninja tower after fleeing before curse would give her second

I wish I wasn’t blindly typing on my phone right now. Screens are jacked for mobile view on Galaxy s9. Anyway. So I started I think level 27 or 28 of ninja tower with my mono green around 4AM CST. Telluria had 1 curse already, so when I went to keep playing I noticed she was targeted for second curse. I fled battle and instantly both curses count even though no tiles moved to make the 2nd curse occur. Now down 1 Telluria and tower flag. Even though fleeing should alleviate that BEFORE any tiles move for it to happen.

This is the same scenario as on Tavern of Legends. Once you started a battle, even if you flee, your heroes are counted as used and therefore you can’t use them anymore.

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Not a bug. This is the way it is designed.


Exactly this, when you are targeted by a curse and flee you are cursed because you didn’t avoid the curse. You cannot run away from it. This is fsr away from being a bug, but a logic feature.

@Guvnor @JonahTheBard i think, this one is solved and can be closed!?


I think that is the most fair to do. I mean, get the curse if you flee.
Otherwise you know what people using lot of flask will do? Try to guess!

“Oh, look, my hero is 1 turn away to be cursed! Let’s flee and avoid it!”

It would be easily exploit by the most.


Question therefore is what is the point of the flee option ? Purely to finish the game earlier I suppose

You can flee if you have no heroes cursed, but the battle is clearly lost, and you don’t want to risk further curses. So the point is that it’s an option to run before things get worse.