Lost summons

After I back to the game I saw 2 summons on the top-right summon gate, when I click to there the system give me only blue troop army. Why another one summon lost ?

You might want to check your inventory for “forgotten” epic tokens.
As long as you have tokens of any kind in your inventory, the summoning gate will show the amount of free summons.

If you are not using VIP-Pass it’s possible that your daily summon combined with an epic troop or hero token caused the gate to show you a 2, but only gave you one troop from the regular summon.

Another option may be that you have 100+ Atlantis coins. Once you get that amount, and the Atlantis portal is open, it shows as a free summons.

Try going into the Atlantis summons to see if you have a free summons waiting for you there.

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