Lost raid revenge, 2nd attempt counts as normal raid, not revenge

I have made a not so funny observation:
I only ever raid as revenge, never first. I usually clean up my possible revenge attacks from bottom to top from the watchtower list. I had one opponent I could revenge on the very bottom of my watch tower history.
After I had lost the first revenge, the second revenge attack didn’t count as revenge but as a normal raid, which let him take revenge again… I can imagine that this happened because the opponent was the last entry in my watchtower list and moved out of the (probably hard-capped) queue. However, after losing the first revenge attack he still showed up as “Retry revenge”.
Please see the screenshots below that show how I have lost my first revenge, lost the second (already shown as “Your Raid”) and then won the third one, again shown as “normal” raid, which let the person revenge again.
Why does the second lost revenge attack as a normal raid, not as revenge? Is this intentional?

That’s strange.
20 strange emblems.

I’ve posted about this before with no response. It’s just annoying is all.

Developers rarely respond in community forum. Most often they just release a version with fix at some point. If you want a response, you can contact customer support:

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