Lost progres


I can’t recover my progres alter swoich for New Phone. At old Phone i Connect game to google play account, but at new phone Ican’t log in.

Any idea how to fix it?


Typically with lost accounts, you need to contact Game Support:



Lug, your account should automatically recover your progress on the new phone if you saved your progress on your old phone through game center (linking to facebook does not save!), and if you are logged into the same apple id account.

1- do you have your old phone, and can you make sure you save your current game progress through Game Center?
You want to see this at the bottom of your settings screen in the game’s options menu.
58 AM
If you don’t, then follow the directions to sign into Game Center, or to save to Game Center.

2- make sure your new device is logged in using the same apple id account. If a new account shows instead of your old one then play through the entire tutorial. Several players have reported that Game Center only clicks into the fact that you have a previous account until after that is done. (worth a shot at least!)

3 - if these things have failed, then visit this page :

Giving Small Giant all the information requested will help speed the process of recovery for you. Small Giant has told me accounts are never lost, so it will work out in the end. You will have to be patient for them to reach your support ticket though.

Let us know how it goes!