Lost one team with the up date, please give back

I had 9 teams, but with the new up date, i lost one. I had to use gems to have my teams, so please give it back to me. Not the first Time that an up date makes me loose somethink … like gems … a lot … thank you

@Chnedegede26 have you tried editing your teams then scrolling over to see if the team is there? Perhaps it’s just empty. Since teams don’t show on your regular roster if they’re empty, this may be what happened to your team 9. Just a thought.

EDIT: If you do this and your team is in fact gone, you’ll need to submit a help ticket. This won’t get fixed through the forum.


I just tried wath you said and you got it right … My 9th team was empty.
Thank you very much for your help.

You’re welcome! So glad that fixed the issue for you :smile:

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Hello, yesterday during the game I got a battery, and today I play and saw that I lost the card Meriln, all the cards I have secured against accidental removal, please help me recover the Merlin card

@zxy1984 You will need to submit a support ticket for this. You can do that in the game through the Options —> Options —> Support screen.

thank you for help, I logged in to the game on another device and a Merlin card appeared.

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