Lost my account

Hi all. My account has written a new one over the old account on the same email address and start again from lvl1. I have my email, my password at google play but it’s for nothing at the beginning. I wrote to the support and got the answer how to switch from one account to another. I just want to get my old account back but nobody knows how. If anyone learns how to do it, please write here as well. Thank you.

Did this happen when I’m you were offline or when you were online

It was online…
When sign in google play ask me if I want to change id. I changed and when the Game started was from lvl1. Old Id was lvl 27 and 6 teams. :((

Ok jon play on when you get to where you can click the menu book click it when options come up sign OUT then back in at the bottom is use another account. Enter your info and see if it logs you back into your old account. Hope this works
edit i am sure it will on a different device

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That sounds like your out of luck but I guess just do what the other person said and than wait for if anyone else says anything

I already tried this, nor workink.
I was resetting the phone to Factory reset. Nor workink.
I changed the google password.
I deleted the account from google play and reenter with new password. Not working. :frowning:
I was play again until lvl 5 with hope the account will be back, nothing.

deleted from google play more than likely ended your hope.
someone smarter than me might know something else

Thank you for your help.

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