Lost loot ticket and world flags

I just got done farming 8.7 and when i came out i had one less Loot ticket and went from 8 flags before stage to 2 flags after.

So it took away 3 extra flags a a loot ticket like i used a ticket but i didnt. And i didnt get any loot like i would if i had used a ticket.

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Did you recently update to latest version? I did today and now I noticed my loot tickets (6) are gone :confused:

I just updated and noticed the same thing. Missing loot tickets Thats odd …

Yes, i updated today also. But this was a couple hours after the update

1L3m51 My user is this … I love this game I’ve been playing all day. part of alliance ataco titan to do everything I do not play but I can not evolve my heroes because it never comes ascension items. to play a lack of respect the absurd and in the point of abandoning the game. I’m very down. the summons three weeks ago 300 gems to summon ice elemental and after weeks you gave me a 3 stars valen. is well decompile0d so well annoyed with the production of the game because they are being harmed by you