Lost leader, need to start new alliance

Our leader is MIA for better than a month. There are 15 of us that are 3400+ with a top of 4400. We want to start our own alliance and recruit so we can leave those 5 titian behind and get back to 7’ and try for 8’. How do you make an alliance?


You could…

  • all leave and merge with an established alliance, and continue hitting higher titans. Can get awkward if goals and expectations etc aren’t the same.
  • start a brand new alliance which costs gems and invite all your current alliance mates to join. Although you’d start back at *1 titans

You will have to leave your alliance first. Then go to the Alliance page to start your own alliance. I believe the gem cost is 50. That’s it.

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besides promotion and kicking what are the leaders powers within the alliance? can he remove a player from war but keep them in the alliance?

If i Leave and start an alliance, how to I let the others know it is set up?

Aha…your alliance doesn’t use any outside form of communication like Line app or Discord? I guess you can settle on the name of the new alliance prior to leaving and post that to a game chat banner. Tell them to search for that Alliance name with you as the leader. That could work.


If you are interested we have 15 spots open in our Alliance! I’m the Leader. We had longtime European members leave to begin an Alliance in which their significant others could participate in the chat (They didn’t speak English well). We are called Rockets Red Glare. Very friendly, 0 drama, tons of support. Check us out if you’re interested!

However, if you’d like to start your own simply decide on a name and post the name in your current Alliance chat. I recommend choosing your Co-Leaders before you leave. You will then have to leave your Alliance, start the new one and wait for them to join. The key is discussion and planning before you leave your current Alliance.

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Leader cannot remove a player from war (unfortunately). Leaders can promote players to Co-Leaders. Both Leaders and Co-Leaders can promote players to Elders. Also demote. There is that heirarchy.

Unless you have a way of communicating outside of the game, I suggest no one leave the alliance until a few things are decided:

  1. Who will be the leader
  2. What will be the EXACT name of the alliance
  3. When will the alliance be made
  4. Decide what the trophy count will be. If the trophy count is higher than some of your member have, they can’t see your alliance.
  5. Decide if your alliance will be open or invite only. If it’s invite only, someone will need to be around to accept their requests to join.

Once these things are decided, only then should the new leader leave the alliance.

When the new alliance is made, set the trophy count and invite/open status to what was agreed in. A test person from the old alliance can hop over. Use that person to go back and forth to relay info.

I’d also suggest having a co-leader in the old alliance put the new alliance info in the alliance banner and featured message.


@hothom if you’re interested I am leader if a small training alliance. I’d be glad to make you a temporary co-leader and show you the features that a leader and co-leader would see. That way you’d be familiar with how everything works when you go set up your own alliance. Tag me here if your interested. You can also find me in Line as Kiann87


@hothom When choosing a name for a new alliance remeber to check in search if it have been taken. Alliance names have to be unique.
Good luck!


If you are looking. We have 2 alliances looking for new members or a merge. We picked up another that lost their leader as well.

Easier if you have an alt account, but first agree with your current members on all modalities, and as already suggested, you may even agree on the alliance name as well.

Then, use your alt account to create the new alliance and set it to open , while your main is still in your current alliance, inform the members and all migrate…

Note, that if you are alone in an alliance and leave, the alliance will shut down.

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