Lost Layla - Found

I lost a hero I ascended what do I do

How did you lose them?

Not really sure I maxed out level two ascended the hero Lola purple with poison blade after ascending she is not there anymore

Did you possibly feed her to someone else by mistake? Or did she shift position in your hero roster?

I thought that I feed here but none of my other heros change levei

Wait never mind she there sorry for wasting your time

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Good for you :joy::joy::joy: It would be really bad to lose a hero, put some ID on her

Like any good woman, if you don’t put a ring on it, she’s out the door.


LOL, aside from Bane, Layla was the only one I held onto from when the game first started and because before I got Prisca, she was my best Purple.

Speaking of Layla, for someone who appears everyday in the backdrop with Richard and Elena when the game loads, the fact that she doesn’t get any story time is kind of sad.


I still have Layla in my 2* team

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Have you seen this?

It’s a good idea to put hero’s you don’t wanna lose into the favorite section which will not allow you to accidently feed them to another :wink: