Lost in the dark

Just got the 6th robe. I cant deciding between a second Seshat or Quintus which I have the costume for. below are the purples already leveled
Khiona +1 and 3-70 and 3-57
c-Rigard +20 and 4-80
Seshat +9
Sabrina +19 and 4-80
Proteus +15
G panther 4-80
Dominita 3-70

Other bench option Obakan and Thoth-amon

any suggestions helpful

My husband has a Quint in a suit and emblems. I can only say one thing about him: he’s a tough guy! But I would personally definitely second Seshat rocked.


If you’re planning on doing any pulls next month, maybe wait to see if you get Clarissa.


What are your troops like?

With a half decent mana troop available, Quintus with costume becomes more interesting as an option.

Seshat is obviously a beast, as you already know.

By the way, do you have Wilbur or Aegir? Put one of those two with Khiona and Quintus and you have a bulldozer team…


I’c got wilber. It looks like I should start filling out quint it will take a while fully costume 3-70 would still be a pain while I wait for Clarissa and be left waiting a door for my date that does not arrive

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That Khiona plus Wilbur combo can be HUGE - fire them together and wait two turns before firing your AoE hero (Quintus, in this case) and with that boosted attack you’ll be dealing huge damage.

I do this with Wilbur and BK, along with Isarnia, G.Kong or Mok Arr - these AoE hero’s can be hitting 1000-ish to all 5 enemies, it’s huge, huge damage… But AoE is where it really comes alive, on a sniper it’s just overkill damage and wasted.

11% mana on one but often with the healer

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The game is broken?!

Not seeing it, myself…

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