Lost Hero!

I couldn’t figure out how to flat out email them and so I finally decided to contact them on here. Plus my surgery took priority lol

Something is not right here…


I’ll let you all know what they say

The recent activity log has multiple pages and goes back for several days. Which Atlantis did you summon Mitsuko in? The current one?

The first one from the first day Friday night

The one where my fist hero I summoned was Hawkmoon I believe

The specific post I linked above (where the OP posted a month ago that they had not managed to pull mitsuko) has since been deleted, fancy that.


Do you mean this one?

Yes, it’s about to be deleted.


Yeah, I call shenanigans on this “lost” hero.

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Well, it could be true or false but for sure if someone were to try to trick SGG it would’t end well for him.

This seems not to be neither a tecnical problem (heroes slots doesn’t prevent summons)
bug ("drawed… in June and forgot about that)
Lost account (do I need to say it? :P)
Purchase issues (buy gems, gems were awarded. perform pulls, heroes were given)

The Customer Support team is always happy to help you solve issues related to:

They can browse an account history and if the hero would have been feeded they could even chose to not bring him back and… if it were to be a false alarm they could even put a ban-warning.


Why is it being removed?

I posted it so I don’t understand

No they said it was too late to do anything about it so no biggie for me. Shouldn’t have waited so long to tell them

It’s about to be removed because you clicked on the … and the on the trash can icon.
You can still reverse it tough.

Ok thanks! Was trying to flag it

I’ll just try again next month and not get robbed hopefully lol
I’ll try standing in my tub and do a little dance while doing it lol

I also lost ursena, seshat, guin, ariel, tarlak, Wilbur and alasie. I also can’t find 50,000 gems and 30 epic hero tokens.
I read this and felt bad at first. Then I saw the summon log with her. But then more info and I am guessing this hero got fed away. I feel bad cause I have mitsuko and got her in ax single pull in a month she wasn’t featured. Wasn’t trying for her but very glad I got her. Saved me maxing khagan and she keeps me in diamond.
I call a definite violation on this one.

You went from posting like crazy to it being no biggie. Please. Just come clean and admit you fed it. If you don’t remember then if sg gives you proof post it here. I can’t imagine you having it and sg not giving it back if it really got lost. But I think it was fed away. Namahage ate good…lol.
And I just saw a post where you said you did 50x and didn’t get her. Its in the thread about pulls getting better as you play longer if anyone is interested.

Well, its really strange that you have opened a thread saying you never pulled her just around 29 days ago and now you post a screenshot showing you pulled her in June, what’s quiet more than 29 days ago…

Folks, this has turned into an inquisition. The OP has filed a ticket with SGG. It’s their call what to do.

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