Lost Hero!

I did the 30x summon and even made sure I had the available space in my roster before I did the 30x summon. When it went through I got mitsuko! But when I went to my roster she’s not there anymore! Anyone know why!? I feel robbed! I WAS robbed!

With summons it’s possible to exceed heroes’ capacity.

Try to see the recent activity log to see if there were really Mitsuko or sort your heroes by name to find her easily.

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I had 60 empty slots so there was no way I exceeded it! I can’t find her anywhere! It’s not fair and I can’t seem to find the actual customer service email to contact them!

What I were saying is that even with a full heroes’ capacity every summoned hero would still appear in it.

For example it would be possible to have 78/70 heroes.

Can you at least post here a screen of your recent activity log?


I can confirm this as I have exceeded my available slots through summons many times.

If Mitsuko shows up in your Recent Activity log in the display of the summons you got but not in your roster you need to contact support with screenshots of this. They should be able to check back through their logs to see what happened.


These are what show up but it’s obvious I did thirty summons because of all the loot I got and consumed! I’m just so frustrated that o lost her! Should’ve stopped playing right then and contacted support instead of continuing to play and losing that info!


Tried to zoom in but I think she’s on there! I know I got her! Even if I can’t get her back I want my money back or gems or some random five star hero summon chance! I’ve spent hundreds on here!

I see her there 3rd row #5

So what can they do!? Help! Lol

but the screenshot is from June… and you noticed just now that you don’t have her? did you lock her back then?

(sorry, hit the wrong reply button :wink: )

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Exactly! I guess it’s too late then! I just noticed it :frowning:
I haven’t got on in a while trying to save my money! Lol

Is there any way I can contact them? Just doesn’t seem right. :sob:

so is it possible you fed her to some other hero with all the 3*s before you locked her?


It seems very plausible…


The support section is in the options cog on your toolbar at the bottom of game screen. The support page is there. I’ve recently sent, and received a ‘received’ notice and ticket number so far.


This is my thought too. I always VERY CAREFULLY lock my heroes, even before showing my husband what I got.


I sent them a ticket. Wish me luck. They better get her for me


If you accidentally feed her away, it should be recorded also in the recent activity log. Check the entries following the summon, you should find when and who did you fed her to (if you did)


I didn’t feed any hero when I went to check the roster. I haven’t since. It’s frustrating because I always wanted her too! I had sent a request in

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But you haven’t played the game at all in the last 2 months then? Since you summoned Mitsuko in June (you got Ranvir in that summons) and only now miss her.
I think I am misunderstanding something…


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