Lost hero costume

I was looking through my hero costumes and noticed that my Thorne costume is missing. I’ve had it since it was first offered and now it’s not there. The same thing happened with Isarnia’s costume but I got another one on a pull. Please help!

So, to not have us confused with different accounts having those costumes, can you please provide screenshots of you able to pull the hero and the costume as well as the screenshots of the costumes from the Inventory? As far as I know, you cannot accidentally feed the last copy of the costume, only the dupes. Either you actually obtained the hero and the costume, or they are on your alt account/s, or a product of a dream (I sometimes dream getting costumes for Viv and Marj :crazy_face:).


These are my 5* costumes and my Thorne. I’ve had his costume since it came out. The same thing happened with Isarnia. I was lucky enough to get it back on a pull

Technically the only 5* costumes I don’t have are Justice and Obakan. I pulled 2 more Thornes recently during the costume event cause I have 2 singles

Wow. That’s plenty of legendary costumes. I only have 4.

Anyways, I do miss seeing the screenshot of you getting the “missing” hero. Can you still see if it is in your recent activities. Screenshot that and file a support ticket. SG should give you back that missing hero costume.

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Oh I understand what you mean. Like I’ve said I’ve had it since it was first offered way back when. Only SG can probably access that

Here’s another way to put it…I’ve had Thornes costume since it was first offered, long before they came out with the rest of the hero costumes. So it will not be in my recent activity. I had Thorne before Lianna’s costume

Thorne costume is in last round (round 3) released in the chamber portal.
Early Information on ROUND 3 Costumes [Part of The Beta Beat v33]
So, maybe you get Richard instead of Thorne?


I’ve had his costume for a very long time. Like I said earlier I also had Isarnia’s costume and, it too disappeared. I got it back a couple of chambers ago. But I know I had Thorne’s costume. If SG would look at the account they would see it.

So is anyone going to help me with this issue? This a customer service issue. I have have valid gripe and need their help!!! This is not fair and not right!!

We’re all players here. You have to contact support.

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Just going to put this here again. Thorne’s costume was not in the portal from the beginning.


I clearly indicated that I got the costume when it was introduced. And I know that “we’re” all players here, I cannot contact support as they are “overwhelmed” right now. So, instead, they give you a link to the forum

Thornes costume was in the LAST ROUND of new costume additions. You cannot possibly have gotten it since”before they came out with the rest”. Clearly some confusion here. And yeah, we’re all players here not much to add.

Are you sure you got Thorne in that portal and not any other? If you got Thorne in Underwild, you would have the hero card but not the costume.


I’m sorry but looks like they will not do anything unless you provide solid evidence.

Really!! Why can’t they look into the account? It’s so much more easier that way :roll_eyes:

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