Lost gems in inbox after update

Hello, I’ve played the game for over a year and I never felt the need to make a post despite everything that has been going on and how the game has been treating me. However, after the latest update my entire inbox has been wiped out. I have been saving gems in two messages (2x30 gems) since the deal that shared gems with alliance members (I believe it was the Valentines day deal) so I wouldn’t spend them all at once. I’m not asking for much, just that I get back what I thought was safe from me but apparently not from updates.
Thanks, Uriel

Did you create a support ticket?

How to report a bug?

Bugs & Issues

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I just did now, thanks for the tip. Will reveal the verdict.

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Hopefully good news and you get the gems back.

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Just adding the more direct link to contacting Support in case anyone else finds this post and has a similar issue:

I don’t think this was an issue of the new update, I think it’s just that Inbox Messages automatically expire after 30 days.

You can see that next to messages in the Inbox. Here’s one from a couple days ago:


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I got my gems back, thank you for the support.

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