Lost Gems during training camp

I had about 4 and 1/2 days of training in one of my camps. I was adding more uncommon training by holding on the plus sign. The usually message comes as you don’t have Insufficient resources. When I hit ok all my training was complete and I lost over 2000 gems. Hope I can get my gems back if anyone from SG monitors these bugs. First time something like this has happen to me since I started this game.

Just below the Plus there is a button for “Skip :gem: 6046” (or similarly huge number). Yours was apparently right around 2000. I would assume that there was an “Are you sure” after clicking that – but I don’t have enough gems to do that kind of speed-up.

I fear that SG will consider this to be a user error rather than a bug, but you can always try putting in a support ticket.

Thanks. I will put in a support ticket

Ok. How do you create a ticket? I went to menu, option, support in the game and all I get is a list of categories which always has at the end was this helpful yes or no. I can’t seem to create a ticket.

Here you go.
Good luck! :wink:

Thank you for the link

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