Lost food storage!

I’ve just logged on and found I’m missing a food storage building!! Big space where a building should be!! Anyone else have this issue??

Thats not a buildable spot, so everyone has that empty lot.

Sorry, but I’m pretty sure there was a food storage unit there before! I wouldn’t have just noticed it after playing the game for over 6 months if there wasn’t!! :thinking:

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No there is and was never a spot :smiley: check if you have 4 if yes ure fine. If no check barracks

Lol nothing there, OP

Wow, I must be mistaken!! :flushed::thinking:
Yes I do have 4, strange I’ve only thought of it now!!
Thanks for putting me straight, I’ll try not to embarrass myself anymore!! :joy::joy:

Yes I too am missing mine.

You are right. I also have this problem. 2 times disappeared and appeared again. Now I lost completely after building stronghold 15 level. Very strange

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